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Groundworks in Woking and Guildford | Services for Landscaping Projects

When undertaking landscaping projects, we provide all relevant groundworks for efficient and cost-effective solutions. With over 20 years of combined experience, our team delivers high-quality services that cover everything from dig outs and foundations to concrete laying and plant hire. Whether you are working on a domestic garden renovation in Guildford or a commercial landscaping project in Woking, our landscaping company provides comprehensive services that we tailor to your needs.

Groundworks covers a broad range of services throughout the construction industry, but we focus on services that go alongside our landscaping work, allowing us to deliver skilled and convenient solutions.

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Bidder Landscaping & Groundworks offers the following services:

Dig Outs & Excavations

dig outs

From digging up old driveways, patios and paving to excavating for drainage, foundations and new landscaping features, we provide efficient dig out and excavation services.

Using specialist diggers and plant, we dig trenches and other holes to necessary depths and gradients, ensuring they are suitable for their intended use.



As a groundworks and landscaping company offering a range of hardscape features, we provide durable foundations for various structures. This includes shed bases and other garden structures as well as bases for driveways.

Concrete Laying


Bidder Landscaping & Groundworks lays concrete surfaces at domestic and commercial properties in Guildford and Woking. Concrete is a very durable, low maintenance and cost-effective material that is popular for all kinds of applications.

With so many years of experience, we construct driveways, patios and paths that last for many years and that meet all regulations regarding impermeable surfaces and water drainage.

Site Clearance

site clearance

Groundworks services often produce a large amount of waste. It is important to remove this to maintain site safety and efficiency, however waste removal must meet government legislation.

Our landscaping company is a licenced waste carrier, enabling us to carry out site clearance services for your project in Guildford, Woking or the surrounding areas. Furthermore, as part of the wider Bidder Group that provides muck away and grab hire services, we can provide efficient waste management solutions for sites of every size.

In addition, Bidder Landscaping & Groundworks recycles as much as possible to minimise our environmental impact.

Safety & Best Working Practices

Whether carrying out excavations, plant hire or other groundworks and landscaping services, safety is paramount. All our staff have full training to ensure they use equipment and machinery properly and safely. This includes the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), which we ensure every team member has for different tasks.

Furthermore, we adhere to industry best practice for all services we undertake, ensuring quality workmanship as well as high safety standards.

Contact Bidder Landscaping & Groundworks on 07737 107473 for more information about the groundworks services we provide in the Guildford and Woking areas.