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Landscaping Company in Guildford | How to Improve Your Home with Hard Landscaping

As an experienced landscaping company, we construct a broad range of hard landscaping features for your garden in Guildford. With expert skill, high quality materials and a commitment to delivering complete satisfaction, we improve your property in a variety of ways. If you want to add to the visual appeal and value of your home, or you need a functional outdoor space that meets your specific needs, we have the solution. Undertaking complete design, groundworks and installation, we create your dream space within budget and to your schedule. Because we provide all necessary services, including operated digger hire, we offer maximum efficiency when constructing new driveways, patios, decking and other features.

Find out how to improve your home in Guildford with our landscaping and plant hire services.

Improve Function

Our hard landscaping features make your garden more functional, allowing you get to the most from your property. Patios, decking and paths let you use your garden all year round and provide a place for items such as garden furniture and BBQs.

Furthermore, professional designs from our landscaping company ensure the most efficient use of space. From raised beds to sheds and water features, we ensure your garden in Guildford is set out in a way that offers maximum practicality. With our operated digger hire services, this can even include altering ground levels.

In addition, because we provide all groundworks services, including drainage, irrigation systems and plant hire, we make sure your garden has a solid base which helps maintain its condition. As such, we minimise the risk of issues such as pooling water that make your garden unusable at certain times of year.

Minimise Maintenance

One of the main benefits of hardscape features in Guildford is that, compared to natural garden elements, they require very little maintenance. Everything from new driveways and patios to brick walls and garden structures need only minimal maintenance such as periodic sweeping and hosing down to maintain their appearance and durability.

Consequently, you get a tidy and attractive space with as little effort as possible. Furthermore, because we undertake site preparation and foundation work, including operated digger hire and plant hire, we ensure every feature has a suitable and durable base. This maximises the longevity of the surface and means you are less likely to need repairs.

Improve Privacy & Safety

Our landscaping company meets all kinds of needs in Guildford and the surrounding areas. This includes improving the privacy and safety of gardens. There are various ways we achieve this with our groundworks and hard landscaping services, such as:

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